Da mafia six go hard

Gangsta Boo] Got my niggas jumping off the porch, and they are trained to go Headed to kick that busta door, dropping off your ass ho Yeah, I said it and I meant it, pimping be about her business Paul told me to kill you hoes, so I'm gonna murk these hoes Everybody know that Gangsta Boo gon' lead them to the guap Sipping, tripping, flicking on my haters, and I will not stop I've been going hard like, "Oh my God, I'll see you at the top" And bitch when I see you there, I'mma knock you out your fuckin' spot [Hook: Koopsta Knicca] Seems to me that these are. DJ Paul] Man, these fucking haters out here, man Fucking voices in my head telling me to cremate these haters Cremate, Cre-cre-cremate Sitting here, loading up this motherfucking gun gun Hitting this motherfucking dope dope I'm just thinking, man!.

Super manifestor package

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